Discover Nanshi Shanghai Old Town ?

Only east of focal Shanghai’s taking off high rises and movement lined avenues, a preview of conventional China stands solidified in time at Nanshi. The most established territory in all of Shanghai, this previous urban and business center is presently a beguiling enclave where several years of history meet the current.

Searching for a legitimate social affair? Get a look at conventional China with our fundamental manual for Shanghai’s Old Town.


City God Temple

Opening Hours: Daily 8:00am – 4:30pm

A relic of the Ming Dynasty, this fifteenth century Temple of the Town Gods was initially worked to ensure the city’s kin by offering supplications to three principle dieties: Huo Guang, Qin Yubo and Chen Huacheng. While Taoist sanctuaries of this assortment were before a typical apparatus around China, many years of political, social and religious changes have brought about just a modest bunch of these profound destinations as yet standing, making the City God Temple an unquestionable requirement see for anybody going to Shanghai.

Yu Yuan Garden and Bazaar

Opening Hours: Daily 8:30am –5:30pm

A short distance far from the City God Temple, this wonderful garden-cum-bazaar is one of Shanghai’s most noticeable attractions. Established in 1559, the rich greenery, koi-filled lakes and splendid white structures of this internal city stop are flanked by a clamoring commercial center, abounding including neighborhood road nourishment to stand-out painstaking work.

Huxinting Teahouse

Opening Hours: Daily 8:30am –9:30pm

After you’ve conquered the swarmed passages of the Yu Yuan Bazaar, take after the excellent Jiu Qu Qiao Bridge to achieve the Huxinting Teahouse. One of China’s most celebrated lunch nooks, this customary, pagoda-style building sources the finest tea leaves from around the nation and mixes the majority of its refreshments with immaculate mineral water to convey a superior tea drinking knowledge to the majority of its benefactors.

Dajing Pavilion

Opening Hours: Daily 8:30am –9:30pm

Once totally enclosed by a stone bank, the final segment of the Old Town’s old blockade can be seen at the Dajing Pavillion. While most of the five kilometer divider was devastated amid occasional turmoil, the little extend that has survived can be scaled by travelers, offering sees over the housetops of the memorable zone of Nanshi.

Wen Miao Temple

Opening Hours: Daily 9:00am – 5:00pm

Also called the Confucius Temple, this peaceful haven pays praise to old Chinese researcher, logician and government official, Confucius. Encompassed by towering trees and blossoming wildflowers, this serene place of love is additionally home to Shanghai’s second biggest book showcase – an able tribute to the instructive interests this generally adored instructor devoted his life to.

Whether you need to deal for a deal at the Yu Yuan Bazaar or appreciate a customary tea service at the Huxinting Teahouse, Radisson Blu Shanghai New World’s 5-star convenience gives the ideal base to investigate Shanghai’s Old Town. Arrange your stay today.

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