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About Beijing : Beijing, China’s gigantic capital, has history extending back 3 centuries. However it’s known as much for its present day engineering as its old locales, for example, the fantastic Forbidden City complex, the royal castle amid the Ming and Qing lines. Close-by, the gigantic Tiananmen Square person on foot court is the site of Mao Zedong’s sepulcher and the National Museum of China, showing an incomprehensible accumulation of social relics.

About Tel Aviv : Tel Aviv (Hebrew: תל אביב, Arabic: تل أبيب) is the second biggest city in Israel (after Jerusalem), and the biggest metropolitan range. It is on the Mediterranean drift, around 60 km north-west of Jerusalem and somewhere in the range of 100 km south of Haifa. The official name is Tel Aviv-Yafo (תל אביב-יפו), and mirrors the way that the city has developed next to (and consumed) the antiquated port city of Yafo (English: Jaffa, Arabic: يافا Yafa), toward the south of the new downtown area, notwithstanding numerous other neighboring urban areas. Tel Aviv is home to most outside consulates.


Tel Aviv lies close by the Mediterranean coastline. With couple of special cases, all purposes of enthusiasm for travelers are in a rectangle characterized by the ocean toward the west, the Yarkon River toward the north, the Ayalon expressway toward the east, and Salame Road toward the south. This rectangle is isolated into two long strips by Ibn-Gvirol Street, beginning from the Yarkon River and changing its name to Yehuda Halevy. The greater part of the attractions are in the west of these strips.

Tel Aviv created from south to north. Toward the south-western corner of the rectangle you will discover old Jaffa. To its north, is the principal Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa, Neve Tzedek (signifying “Desert garden of Justice”). To Neve Tzedek’s east is Florentin, a 1920s light-industry quarter established by Jews from Salonika in Greece that as of late has transformed into a popular neighborhood for youngsters, yet one with an extensive populace of more seasoned and needy individuals; and afterward the Central Bus Station range, now home to remote laborers from around the globe.

Toward the north of Neve Tzedek is “Kerem Ha’Temanim” (the Yemenite Vineyard), a swarmed however beautiful neighborhood dating to the mid twentieth century and east and north of here untruths the downtown area, an essentially local location worked in the 1930s, where the greater part of Bauhaus (“International”) style engineering is to be found. Promote north and east, the “old north” (not to be mistaken for “the north” on the opposite side of the Yarkon), is a more open neighborhood worked amid the 1950s.

Tel Aviv occupants frequently talk about a north-south separation in Tel Aviv-Yafo. The north is typically connected with a mainland, chic, and suburbanite way of life revolved around Kikar haMedina and “Ramat Aviv”. Toward the south, the city goes up against an all the more average workers and eastern, yet evermore in vogue, urban feel. An unrefined partition would be that all areas north of the Yarkon River are viewed as “north”; the region between the ocean in the west, Ayalon Highway in the east, Yarkon River in the north and Salame Street in the south is viewed as “focal” Tel Aviv. The zone south of Salame Street is for the most part south Tel Aviv, and Jaffa misleads the South-West. North Tel Aviv is by and large more private and family-arranged; focal Tel Aviv is the hipper-more youthful zone with many single individuals and couples in their 30s; south Tel Aviv is a quickly gentrifying zone with a blended populace – from more seasoned regular workers individuals to specialists to transient African laborers.

Tel Aviv is likely the most liberal city in Israel and in the Middle East – as it is no-less liberal than Western Europe’s generously disposed significant urban communities. It has a clamoring common society and is home to numerous dissident developments and NGOs. Its occupants have a tendency to have liberal states of mind towards gay and lesbian rights, and, truth be told, Tel Aviv has the biggest gay pride parade in Israel (the main nation in the Middle East where homosexuality is not viewed as unlawful). It is additionally a goal for gay Palestinian displaced people, not able to seek after their way of life in the Palestinian domains. With its radicalism comes a measurements of modernity and some will state separation, and Tel Aviv is regularly named “The Bubble” or “Medinat Tel Aviv” (“The State of Tel Aviv”) by occupants and non-inhabitants alike. Some ultra-Orthodox Israelis have even named the city an advanced “Sodom and Gomorrah”, because of its decadent way of life.

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